My Incessant Need To Write

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I like to write. Scratch that, I love to write. I’ve been scribbling stuff in diaries, notebooks, at the back of books, table napkins, in my phones and in my computer since I was a kid. Now I’m not saying I’m any good. I’m just saying I love doing it.

Writing to me is release. A way I take myself out of a situation, which is usually a bad one, and find peace. Some people get high, some people go to the gym (I do this too), some people eat (I do this one also, hehe). I write. It doesn’t have to be prescriptive. It could be anything. A prose, a poem, a rhyme, the start of a story, a phrase.

I hope my stuff doesn’t bore you. These are my musings. Be nice.



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9 responses to “My Incessant Need To Write

  1. Hi,
    At some time or the other we have all scribbled on newspaper scraps, paper napkins … it’s just that some of us take it seriously and treasure all those scraps! Because it’s not just something we wrote, it’s a part of us there, on that scrap.
    Looks like a new blog. Good luck. Keep writing!

  2. rosie

    Hi there

    you read like me… description of me… i can understand.. when i write i feel i can travel the whole universe and be back.. the rush of freedom i get in the words is undiscribable..:-)

    Keep it up… when you know what you want to do.. do it.. keep writing.. i am trying to keep it alive in me as well..

    you can read my notes if you check out my facebook profile…

  3. deadmansbones

    @the mutt

    Thank you. I appreciate what you said. I’ve parked my pen a few times over since I started writing and always find myself going back and writing again…

  4. deadmansbones

    hi rosie,

    It’s always reassuring when you hear from people about the stuff that you write.

    I’ll ckeck out your facebook profile…I’m sure you have some great stuff there.

  5. Benj

    Hi Marie,

    Nice “infant” blog you have here… Changed your link on my site to this one so this should get some nice traffic…

    Wouldn’t you know it, we have the same “illness”, hehe…

    Good luck and I’ll drop by from time to time to check it out…


  6. deadmansbones

    Hi Benj,

    Thanks for your support… 🙂

    😀 Marie

  7. Sara Jamal

    Hii there ..

    while I’m reading what u just said .. i was like .. this is me !!

    when i get sad .. or just someone upsets me .. i cant tell anyone how i feel .. i just write it down .. and everything gets better .. even if i was crying .. when i write how i really feel .. everything seems okay ..

    and i never never ,, let anyone read what i write :D:D

    this is just 4 me !!! xP

  8. Vimal

    I got this off from somebody else and found it amusing

    “…for better or verse”


  9. miss crissy

    i love to write as well. continue doing what you love, don’t mind about the grammar what is important is the content of what you wrote and how you feel while you were writing it

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