About Me

I am the smile you almost gave, I am the glimpse of the familiar.
I am the scent of the morning and the crisp cool night air. I am love, I am laughter. I am the sweet taste of freedom. I am comfort, I am pain. I am the tear on your cheek. I am friend, I am companion. I am your hands, I am your heart. I am your past, I am your future, I am now. I am fact, I am fiction. I am the hand that holds your heart. I am woman.




7 responses to “About Me

  1. Tirtho

    i dont know your name ,just came across your profile searching for rainy gal. but i really appreciate your words..liked your poems ..and the writer of those.
    may i request a brief intro of urs..

    stay green!

  2. Hello
    your blog is lovely,

    have good times 🙂

  3. lyla

    wow… whoever u r…u must b 1 of a kind… u could even beat shakespare!!!

  4. Nigara

    I’ve just found ur blog by chance, was looking for a pic of rain.
    and i stayed on ur blog for a while.
    ur poems touched me a lot
    I feel like the common emotions and feelings, I had gone through or sometimes I go through. It;s really touching.
    thank you!

    wish all the best

  5. Somaye

    Hi, i just came across to your blog while i was searching for rain pics, i should say your writings are great! i like them! they are simply wonderful!

  6. very much impressed…with u, art work and all.
    bless ya

  7. lisbet

    Hi, I just searching for rain pictures and there a pic from your blog.
    yours blog is lovely, luv to read it n inspire me.
    ‘ve a nice d

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