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Rain on Me

What a way to wake up...

I woke up with soft rain tapping on the window. I took a deep breath and smiled to myself…I love the rain. It makes me feel like no matter how hot things get, how dirty or how sticky things are, there’s time for refreshing. The dirt and grime can all be washed away and you end up with a clean slate. The smell of the cool crisp air, the mist that forms outside my window, the trickle of water that’s like a lullaby made just for me. I love every bit of it.



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After You

There will never be a night without a dawn.

A lot of things are different

A lot have stayed the same

A lot I’m still not sure if I

Can deal with after you.

You’ve changed your mind so often

So much so that I’ve tried

To understand how things could be

All better after you.

You promised me forever

And I held on to your words

I never though I’d hurt so much

Not until after you.

My sorrow wouldn’t end that’s why

I looked for peace within

The peace I never felt before

But only after you.

I’ve picked up all the pieces

Of my life that you dismissed

It will take time but surely

I’ll be better after you.

Standing on my feet again

I’ve never felt so fine

To think that just a while ago

I’ve been running after you.

A lot of things are different

A lot have stayed the same

I’m still the woman you once loved

But wisdom I have gained

I’ll give my life not sparingly

But only to the man

Who knows, respects and loves me

For the woman that I am.


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je suis de retour!

hi·ber·nate [hi-ber-neyt] – to withdraw or be in seclusion; retire.

That’s where I’ve been. I’ve been busy, had a lot of things going on, had people over at the house, was stressed at work, had to go to the gym, had to attend a party, had to be at this conference, was sleeping, was taking a bath, was out-of-town, was talking to a friend, was meeting a friend, was having dinner, was having lunch, was trying to catch up with my sister, was in the park, was in the hospital, was incommunicado, was sick, was not inspired, was too lazy, was too tired, was too complacent, was too indifferent, had to do the laundry, had to do the dishes, had to clean my house, to balance my check book, had to settle my debt, was watching my favourite show, was watching garbage, was watching this old movie, had a toothache, had a sore knee, had a headache, had a heartache.

I had all the excuses for not writing and not thinking and not being productive. That’s all got to stop.

I hadn’t realised how much I want to write and how much writing made me feel good.

Let’s do this again, shall we?

Lazy Sunday Afternoon


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