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Google Your Name

I got this idea from a friend of mine’s site. I googled my name but like this “marie likes to”. Here are the first ten (that made sense) hits from that search.

Marie likes to Party like a Rockstar.

-used to…used to. 😛


Marie likes to act like a know it all.

-I do not!


Marie likes to read Danielle Steele & romance.

-once again, used to.


Marie likes to build a home.

-would like to someday.


Marie likes to socialize and will use any excuse to celebrate with friends.

-the first but not the second


Marie likes to wade in water.

-I do, I do! 😀


Marie likes to sing soft ballads.

-yes, sometimes.


Marie likes to spend time in the kitchen, developing and testing out new recipes.

-yes, to eat, not to cook. 🙂


Marie likes to experiment.

-hmmm… not anymore I don’t think.


Marie likes to read, laugh, take her dogs for walks.

-read and laugh. No dogs though. 🙂


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