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Have You Ever…

The Dream, Henri Rosseau, 1910

The Dream, Henri Rosseau, 1910

Have you ever gone to bed thinking you what if you don’t wake up the next morning?

Have you ever woken up from a dream that was so good you felt bad that woke up right away?

Have you ever flown on an airplane and thought what if we crash?

Have you ever told your lover you enjoyed the love making when you really didn’t?

Have you ever said something nice to a good friend and didn’t really mean it?

Have you ever done something you know you should be sorry for but wasn’t?

Have you ever cheated your way into something you could have gotten without cheating but did it anyway?

Have you ever had sex with somebody just to make them happy?

Have you ever thought about killing yourself but didn’t do it because of the mess it might make in your bathroom?

Have you ever felt at home in another person’s house and another person’s bed?

Have you ever regretted something nice you did for somebody esle?

Have you ever felt sorry for another person just because they’re not as pretty as you?

Have you ever helped another person without being asked?

Have you ever done something for somebody else that changed their life?

Have you ever said something that somebody else thought was genius?

Have you ever read a book so many times the pages are falling apart?

Have you ever just kept quite to try to listen to the world?

Have you ever thought about how small you are in a very big world?

Have you ever made up your mind about somebody you haven’t even met yet?

Have you ever liked somebody just cuz they look good?

Have you ever wanted something tha you know you couldn’t have?

Have you ever wanted to just float?


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